what Is Going To Be The Key To The Return On All Of Your Investments?
You've Joined the groups. You've taken the courses. You've networked.

​There are so many voices our there, telling you that if you want to increase your revenue, you need a perfect Instagram feed, or an amazing funnel, or fantastic Facebook Ads...  ​Basically you need whatever it is someone is selling at the moment, right? 

​Well, those things are great and all, but what you ​REALLY​ need is to set some goals, and then to get your product or service ​OUT THERE​ for people to see!​​​​​ ​You need the time and the opportunity to really dig deep into what it is you want, and get your offer ready to launch so you can get there.

You don't want to learn ANOTHER system, another tool. No more tricks & tips. You just want to get things done. Right?  

​Janet and Cheryl have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars taking courses, reading books, learning tools, trying out every planner under the sun, and we still hadn't made a lot of progress on just FINISHING our stuff and GETTING IT OUT THERE!

​There was always a new thing to learn. Always something shiny to try that was, *cough*, GUARANTEED to bring you the "six-figure success" of the teacher.

​Enough is enough! 

I​t's time to eliminate the distractions

​it's time to put into action all that great stuff you've learned.

​See, what changed everything for us was that we started working together! We have completely different skill sets and learning styles. Janet knows how to set goals and put action behind them. Cheryl knows how to turn them into something special so they catch the attention of your audience.

​What we finally came to realize was that if we listened to each other, and trusted our own strengths, our own knowledge, and reached out for help with the rest, things got ​​DONE!

​When we launched site after site, and campaign after campaign,

​We finally realized the trick to achieving your goals.

​And, SPOILER ALERT, There Is No Trick!

​It's all about carving out the time and just getting it done.

​take off in 2019

​This is going to be your year!

​The year you have a clear vision, your eye on your goals, and your offer that gets launched so you can avoid the summer slump!

Do ​you need help goal setting? ​​We're here to help!

​Help refining your offer? ​Absolutely!

​Getting your offer branded and promoted? We're going to teach you all you need to know!

​you will leave the retreat with everything you need!


​Everything you need to make sure 2019 is a year of progress, a year of launches, and a year of achieving your goals.

Laying The Groundwork

​Through the ​second quarter of 2019 we are going to be leading you through a series of exercises to make sure you have a solid foundation under your feet for the coming year. You will be super clear on your mission, vision, and values, as well as your goals and the most valuable offer you can launch in the new year!

Private Resort Setting

​Often the best way to get something huge accomplished is to treat yourself to dedicated time, away from your everyday distractions. You will stay in a private resort home with it's own heated pool and spa. The resort includes golf courses and a waterpark! ​

Resources & Swag

​There is nothing like some great swag! You will be getting a binder with a planner for laying out ​your goals for the rest of 2019, sets of graphic templates for all of your social media promotions, and even custom printed totes & tees​.

Accountability Calls

​Even the best of us need angels looking over our shoulder, checking on our progress. You will get a free membership in a mastermind group for the third quarter. This will give you the chance to check in regularly and create a culture of accountability to help you stay on track for the rest of 2019.

Private Facebook Group

​Working with a close knit group of like-minded entrepreneurs can be the difference between failure and success. You will be part of a group that keeps your secrets, celebrates your wins, and picks you up when you need it.

Grow With You Strategies

​Your goals for the rest of 2019 will be set, and you will learn everything you need to know to create the plans that help you reach those goals. PLUS, we are walking you through every step of launching your first summer 2019 offer and giving you everything you need to create your launches for the rest of the year!


 ​There is nothing like being your own boss, right? So many of us work for ourselves because we have so many ideas and so much inside us to show to the world.

And it is wonderful! But it can also be really freaking hard, right? So many ideas, so little time. And all of it is up to you to make it happen.

That's when the overwhelm sets in and you think, "If only I had more time..."

Well honey, your wish is our command. Because time (or more appropriately, how to effectively use it) is exactly what you will get!



What If... ​you knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish in the second half of 2019?

What If... ​you had a trusted group of women to keep you on track and encourage you when you needed it?

What If... ​instead of feeling like you are in a state of damage control every day, you knew that each day you were taking one more step towards accomplishing your goals?

What If... ​​instead of surrendering to the post new year slow down, you could kick-start your momentum?

Join us for the 2019 TakeOff Retreat and all of these what if's will come true for you. Click the button below to choose your room.


​Women who are just like you. That includes your hosts, Janet Clark and Cheryl Springer, and other women who are serious​ about the success of their business, and equally serious about living a ​healthy life​ and maintaining ​balance​.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this.​​​​​​​​​

​We are Springer & Clark! 

​Together we have launched sites, brands, campaigns, and transformed lives through setting goals and sorting priorities.

Janet spent much of her pre-online career helping to overhaul law firms who were seriously in need of organization! And she was so good at helping them get their firms sorted out, she was able to move on to new firms and do the same for them. Now she is using her goal-setting superpowers for online entrepreneurs.. 

Cheryl is a ​brand strategist with a background in psychology and years spent in sales and marketing. Now she does company and campaign branding and design for several businesses. Cheryl has a special way of figuring out that unique, amazing "thing" about your company or campaign and showing it to the world.

​Take these two crazy characters, put them together, and there isn't anything they can't do!

Our mission is to make sure there isn't anything YOU can't do.  

​You don't have to take our word for it! 

"Before Janet taught me her process for utilizing Asana I was really struggling to keep up with the workflow for my blog. I can't tell you how many free content calendars I've downloaded or spent hours setting up online, all of which were very pretty, none of which seemed to keep me on track. By following Janet's steps, I was able to create a content calendar that makes it easy for me to keep up to date with everything I need for my business. I've finally gone from content chaos, to content creator and it feels amazing. Janet showed me how to set up calendars to organize every aspect of my blog so that nothing gets forgotten and everything has a flow. She even showed me how to create templates which document my processes and save me a tremendous amount of time - time which is now better spent with my family!" Jayne Westerholt ~ Chalking Up Success

"​Janet and Cheryl are great at listening to our needs and helping us learn to implement our ideas. Their methods WORK!!"  ​Laura Blair ~ ​Co-Owner, ​Holistic Homesteaders


"​Cheryl is a design goddess. She can see the potential deep inside of you and uses design to pull that potential to the surface. When my friends and family saw my new branding, they couldn't stop talking about how it was just ME. That's ow perfectly she captured me. That was the key to unlocking all the great ideas I had that were just waiting to come out." ​Yvonne Heimann~ ​Ask Yvi & Creator of the Bulletproof Business Planner

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

When ​is the first payment due?

​Can I get a payment plan?

​When will the Facebook Group become active?

Will there be live meetings or trainings in the group prior to the retreat?

​Can I get a refund?

​What if I want to stay in the Orlando area longer?

​So What Is Included In The TakeOff Retreat 2019?

​Over $3,900+ in value for less than $1,​350*

​(*depends on room ch​oice)

  • ​Transportation from and to the Orlando Airport ($100 value)
  • ​​Dinner Thursday evening and all 3 meals and snack foods through Sunday morning. We will make a store run for wine, etc. so pick your own favorites. ($100 value)
  • Lots of rest and relaxation, including a waterpark on the grounds of the resort, as well as golf courses
  • ​Private home with pool, spa, dining area, breakfast bar, and plenty of space to spread out and work​​​ ($450 value)
  • ​Full brand audit/overall visual presence ($500 value)
  • Binders, printables, and templates to create everything you need
  • ​Workshops for goal-setting, planning, branding your launches, and ​creating your own graphics. (over $1400 value)
  • ​One-on-One guidance and coaching to help you with goal-setting, branding, naming your product, your tagline, your copy, and more ($400 value)
  • ​Graphic templates for all of your promotional materials ($249 value)
  • ​Private Facebook group to help you prepare for the retreat AND get and give feedback after the retreat ($120 value)
  • ​Regular​ mastermind meetings following the retreat for intensive support and guidance ($600 value)
  • All materials you need to duplicate this process for any other launch you have in 2019
  • ​Additional bonuses are still being planned...

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